Indy Betting Starts in Brazil on March 14th

Indy betting begins on March 14th with the season-opening race in São Paulo, Brazil.

The course was just designed which makes it a 2.6-mile, 11-turn circuit in the north-central section of the city, called Anhembi. Those that bet on Indy will notice that the Sao Paulo Indy 300 is 75 laps.

Indy betting should be exciting on the opening race, as the start/finish line will go through the Sambodromo in Sao Paulo. “Running through the middle of the stadium that hosts Carnival, which holds about 30,000 people, I think will be an electric atmosphere for the drivers,” said course designer Tony Cotman, “That portion of the track through the stadium is concrete and everywhere else will be asphalt, so there will be some surface changes. That’s always good for the racing.”

One of the Indy betting favorites will be Helio Castroneves who is thrilled that the series has come to his native Brazil.  “With long straightaways, it’s certainly going to be fast, and you definitely will have challenges,” Castroneves said. “No question it will be a good race, and the people are so excited to have the Izod IndyCar Series come to Brazil.”

The Indy betting race in Brazil will be the first one ever in the IndyCar Series in South America.  The race should see a lot of interesting twists and turns on this course that appeal to those that bet on Indy. ”It’s a track that’s challenging but can create some exciting racing and will provide a challenge for the teams deciding on their downforce levels for both qualifying and the race,” Cotman added. “Less downforce generally means fewer grips. Combine that with the longest straightaway of any track in the IZOD IndyCar Series and overtaking should be exciting. It should be a spectacular sight for the fans at Turn 11 watching the cars braking from about 185mph to 50mph as they enter the Sambodromo.”

Indy betting begins with the race at Brazil which can be seen in the United States on Versus television.  Those that bet on Indy will notice that the race on March 28th from St. Petersburg can be seen on ABC.  The two April races in Indy betting at Alabama and Long Beach are televised on Versus.  It all begins though for those that bet on Indy with the first ever Indy betting race in Brazil.

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