93 Indy 500 Odds Could Favor Ryan Briscoe at SBG Global

93 Indy 500 odds could point to Ryan Briscoe on Sunday in the 93rd running of the Indianapolis 500.

Briscoe is listed at 5-1 in 93 Indy 500 betting odds which make him a very close third behind Helio Castroneves and Scott Dixon at the online sportsbook.

93 Indy 500 odds show us that Briscoe has a lot of things in his favor. He is a driver for Team Penske and that is good news in 93 Indy 500 odds. He is driving the #6 which has won the race five times for Team Penske. He is also 27 years old, the same age that Dixon, Castroneves and Rick Mears were when they won at Indy. "I’ll take any number as long as it’s a lucky one," Briscoe said.

Briscoe is starting in the middle of Row 1 so it is already a given that he has a real chance to win in 93 Indy 500 odds. Briscoe won the season opening race in St. Petersburg earlier this year in online betting and is second in points so he is a deserving choice in 93 Indy 500 odds. He was second in this race in 2005 and fifth in 2007. "This is huge for us," said Briscoe, "Preparing for Indy starts as soon as last year’s race finishes. Everything else you do you’re trying to learn things. This is our biggest race and it’s the one to win. We’ve had a chance to fine-tune, and we’re prepared."

Briscoe also goes under the radar a little bit in 93 Indy 500 odds at the online sportsbook. His teammate Castroneves has won the race twice previously and is the favorite in 93 Indy 500 odds. "He certainly attracts a lot of attention," Briscoe said. "I’m a bit quieter and happy to fly under the radar. It allows me to make sure we’re doing everything we can to win."

While Briscoe may not consider himself one of the favorites in 93 Indy 500 odds, many of the other drivers do. Briscoe has won more races in the past year as online betting stats show than Castroneves and could win on Sunday in 93 Indy 500 odds. "He’s not here because he’s pretty or lucky," Castroneves said. "He’s here because he talented and strong."

Castroneves is listed at 3-1 in 93 Indy 500 odds followed by Scott Dixon at 3.5-1 and Briscoe at 5-1 in 93 Indy 500 betting odds. Other drivers listed with 93 Indy 500 betting odds of less than 10-1 are Franchitti at 6.5-1 in 93 Indy 500 odds and Tony Kanaan and Danica Patrick at 8.5-1 each in 93 Indy 500 odds.

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