93rd Indianapolis 500 Betting Preparation at SBG Global

93rd Indianapolis 500 betting begins by having some sort of a bankroll for your wagers. When you are wagering on 93rd Indianapolis 500 odds you can pick a driver to win the race or you can bet matchups.

Let’s look at each of these 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting choices. 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting will begin by looking for driver to win the race. Unfortunately there is not a lot of value in picking just one winner in 93rd Indianapolis 500 odds. The top drivers like Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan and others have low 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting lines. It is always nice to find a longshot when wagering on 93rd Indianapolis 500 odds but the IRL is top heavy and not that many drivers have a realistic chance to win.

A better option in 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting could be the matchups. These 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting matchups will pit one driver against another driver in the race. This way if you like someone like Dixon you can take him in his matchup and get a little bit more value. You may also be able to pick out other drivers in 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting for your matchups. The advantage with a matchup in 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting is that you only have to defeat one other driver to win your wager instead of having to defeat the entire field of drivers. You might be able to go against a driver you think will do poorly like Danica Patrick. You can wager against her in the 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting matchups if that is what you choose to do. Conversely, you can wager on a driver like Kanaan who you believe might have a chance to win in 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting.

Preparation is important as you look at the 93rd Indianapolis 500 odds. You need to decide whether you are playing on a single driver to win or on the 93rd Indianapolis 500 betting matchups. You then need to allocate a small percentage of your bankroll for your wagers, preferably keeping them all the same. This way you can survive what can sometimes be an unpredictable race.

You can wager on the 93rd running of the Indianapolis 500 by opening an account at SBG Global today. You will then be able to bet all of the exciting sporting events each and every day at SBG.