Indianapolis 500 Betting on Women Drivers at SBG Global

Indianapolis 500 betting on women usually only involves wagering on one driver, Danica Patrick.

This year though there will be two women in the Indianapolis 500 betting field as Sarah Fisher joins Patrick on the Indianapolis 500 odds board.

Indianapolis 500 betting on women is not that popular at the sportsbook since a woman has never won the race. That probably won’t happen this year either, as Fisher is no real threat and Patrick is overrated. Patrick qualified 10th as Indianapolis 500 betting information shows, which is another huge disappointment for her with the equipment she has.

Fisher may not have the popularity of Patrick in Indianapolis 500 betting but she may be a better driver. Fisher started her own race team in January so she is in total control of her situation. She will be starting on the outside of the seventh row for Indianapolis 500 betting. Fisher probably won’t get a lot of attention in Indianapolis 500 betting but she did have a good run in qualifying. "That first one woke me up. I didn’t have enough coffee this morning, but I didn’t need it after that," she said, "That was close. I had to hold my breath a little while and my eyes were closed for a second." Sarah Fisher Racing was struggling for support but has Dollar General on board for six races including this one. "There’s a lot of people who put their lives on the line to start a new business," Fisher said. "This is just a business with four wheels on it. Dollar General stepped in and saved us. We are very lucky."

There could be three women in the Indianapolis 500 betting field if Milka Duno is able to qualify. She did not make the top 22 in Indianapolis 500 odds but she will get another chance. "We have to make the car faster," Duno said. "But because I’ve been here the last two years, I can be a little more confident."

Indianapolis 500 betting odds have pole sitter Helio Castroneves a slight favorite over Scott Dixon at the online sportsbook. Both are listed at about 3-1 in Indianapolis 500 odds at the sportsbook. Patrick is the fifth betting choice in Indianapolis 500 betting at about 9-1 which is way too low at the online sportsbook. 20-1 or more in Indianapolis 500 betting is where she should realistically be considering her lack of success. Women probably won’t get much attention although Patrick will get more in Indianapolis 500 odds than she really warrants.

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