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Indianapolis 500 betting in 2008 could be more exciting as the Indy Racing League (IRL) and Champ series merged giving the race more talent.

Indianapolis 500 betting still doesn’t rival NASCAR and most fans only know Danica Patrick, but the Indianapolis 500 race can still be exciting.

Indianapolis 500 betting in 2008 will see Scott Dixon on the pole with other contenders including 2005 winner Dan Wheldon and the popular Helio Castroneves who has won the Indianapolis 500 race twice. Dixon is the 2008 Indianapolis 500 betting favorite followed closely by Wheldon, Tony Kanaan, Castroneves and Patrick.

Indianapolis 500 betting could pick up in 2008 with added interest due to the merge of the two racing leagues. The race has a historic tradition and is still run on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Indianapolis 500 betting has occurred in every year except during the two World Wars. Since 1946 there has been an Indianapolis 500 race every year. What hurt the popularity of Indianapolis 500 betting in the 1990’s was the split between racing leagues and NASCAR is now the betting choice for most auto racing gamblers. The one exception to that rule is the Indianapolis 500 race held each May.

Indianapolis 500 betting in 2008 will not have many big names part of the field but with Helio Castroneves winning Dancing with the Stars last year, at least most fans know him. Fans also know Danica Patrick although she has never really done anything in racing. The other name that most Indianapolis 500 betting fans will recognize is A.J. Foyt but his chances of winning the race are astronomical.

As you look at Indianapolis 500 betting you will probably want to consider a foreign driver. Although American drivers have won two of the last four races, the rest of the data is not as strong. Foreign drivers have won 8 of the last 11 races and 13 of the last 20. 2008 Indianapolis 500 betting will have some American drivers in the mix but the favorites are definitely the foreign drivers.

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