Horse Betting and Auto Racing Betting similarities at SBG Global

Auto racing betting is a unique and wonderful form of recreation. Horse racing is also a terrific form of wagering and it’s little surprise that many motor racing betting fans also enjoy the ponies.

And when you think about it, there is a tremendous amount of similarities between auto racing betting and horse racing. Auto racing betting has supplanted horse racing in many parts of the world as a top form of wagering entertainment but both remain highly popular throughout the world. But to label either sport so generally, as if they were simply monolithic entities would be a great disservice to both horse racing and auto racing betting.

Within both horse racing and auto racing betting there is a great range of diversity and amongst this diversity we can see much similarity in motor racing betting and horse racing. Both types of wagering compete on oval tracks (although auto racing betting often takes place on road tracks as well) and both sports are based on speed.

In there essence, stripped down of the marketing and hoopla both auto racing betting and horse racing are about one simple thing: speed. And that is the greatest similarity between auto racing betting and horse racing. Yet even though such a fundamental link exists between horse racing and motor racing betting, there are very few cross over fans between the sports. This is somewhat perplexing as auto racing betting fans and horse racing fans share essentially he same interest in both sports. However, the gulf in wagering interests likely has more to do with societal constraints than the nuts and bolts of auto racing betting or horse racing.

Take for example the notion that horse racing is often considered by certain elements of society as the sport of kings. It is quite difficult to imagine NASCAR auto racing betting considered in a similar light, or even that motor racing enthusiasts would permit such a comparison. These social division and characterizations often prevent auto racing fans from enjoying horse racing and vice-versa. And until this changes it’s unlikely that there will be cross-over fans between auto racing betting and horse racing –an equation that is un-advantageous to both motor racing betting and horse betting.

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