Great year for Betting NASCAR at SBG Global Sports Betting

Betting The sport of betting NASCAR racing has had a facelift in the past decade plus and has emerged as a bigger and better version of what betting NASCAR used to be.

NASCAR has undergone a through change in recent years. And that means that if all goes according to plans 2008 should be one of the best years for betting NASCAR on record. Betting NASCAR has always been popular among motorsport enthusiasts but ever since the mid 1990’s its popularity has literally exploded.

Betting NASCAR went from being a regional delight into a full blown national pastime in a matter of years. For people that enjoy betting NASCAR racing it’s been a fantastic development. And so far in the early going of the 2008, betting NASCAR has never been better. With a tight race atop the point’s standings and plenty of betting NASCAR racing opportunities ahead, this betting NASCAR season is off to a great start.

Kyle Busch leads in the driver point standings through seven races and has looked very fast so far in the betting NASCAR season. He and teammate Tony Stewart have been running very well and if weren’t for some bad luck could be dominating the betting NASCAR competition. Their on track performance has been a huge boost for Toyota racing and secured them a place among the great car sponsors in betting NASCAR.

But one betting NASCAR racing team that has been especially quiet so far has been Hendrick Motorsports. Aside from Junior winning two betting NASCAR events at Speed Week in the early going, this team hasn’t done much in terms of betting NASCAR racing. But that could change in a hurry as the cars run fast in testing and the skilled drivers for Hendrick can easily bust out a string of betting NASCAR victories.

But no matter how you slice the bread it seems like the battle for betting NASCAR supremacy will likely come down to Hendrick and Joe Gibbs Racing. For most betting NASCAR fans that’s not a huge surprise considering the top drivers crews the betting NASCAR racing teams have. But what is surprising is that heading into the betting NASCAR season most fans expected Hendrick to run away with the betting NASCAR driving title, and that simply has not been the case.

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