Get your Motors Running with the NASCAR Betting Odds

Get your Motors Running with the NASCAR Betting Odds

October 9th, 2018 Auto Racing, Online Betting

A clear difference exists between NASCAR betting and other sports starting with the season itself.  The stock car racing season is one of the longest in all of sports.  Action begins in February and lasts all the way through late November.  In the same way action is usually on a weekly basis.  In addition to the Monster Energy NACAR Cup Series there is also the popularity of the Xfinity Series.  Account of this second tier of stock car racing means double the action.  And often the top drivers will compete in both series on a weekend.

Europe’s Formula One

Additionally, you can also find online betting action on Europe’s Formula One series.  Following that comes more opportunity in the Indy Car open wheel series from the United States.  Correlate that with multiple wagering options and the opportunities for profits are virtually endless.  In view of this handicappers will quickly discover the easy access to information on all forms of auto racing.  Overall in a few minutes you can discover multiple platforms that offer great handicapping information to be employed for profit.

Different Ways to Bet

When betting on NASCAR you can wager on items that go far beyond the individual driver that will win the race.  Starting with driver matchups you can also get qualifying odds, future odds or props.  As a matter of fact, you can choose multiple drivers to win an individual race.  So too do the odds allow for a bet on a strong favorite as well as a longer shot driver.  Even if you lay out money on multiple drivers you can still end up in the black depending on which one wins.

Prop Bets

Supplementing that are props such as which manufacturer will do best in a race.  Also offered are odds on potential wrecks or if a car will finish the race.  For this reason, it doesn’t take long to find attractive action in a multiple option style.  In particular driver matchups are incredibly popular wagering options.  In sum this is where you can wager on a group of drivers to beat each other out.  Imagine NASCAR’s Kyle Busch. Martin Truex Jr and Kevin Harvick as a driver matchup.  Certainly, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Other Stats to Consider

To begin with each driver will have certain strengths of weaknesses based on the type of track the race will be run on.  More emphatically a road course expert may consistently falter at restrictor plate tracks.  Or an excellent oval driver such as Martin Truex Jr will find the short tracks problematic.  Dale Earnhardt Jr was long celebrated at a restrictor plate expert.  While Truex Jr has been consistently good on road courses.  Fashion the short track success of Kyle and Kurt Busch.  Extending those NASCAR betting factors is current form and momentum.

Manufacturer Factors

Following drivers having their best and worst tracks are the manufacturer factors.  Admittedly Chevrolet struggled for a great part of the 2018 season.  Specifically, the change to the Camaro body style served to slow them down on the bigger tracks.  What’s more was that Ford and Toyota were dominant.  Most important of all was the fact that Ford and Toyota did not change their bodies.  To demonstrate this gave them a huge aero package advantage.

Driver Stats

In particular this is where a gambler doing his homework will find consistent payoffs.  Indeed, you can get detailed statistics on every driver and their career record at various tracks.  Along the same lines you can discover which tracks drivers consistently succeed or fail at.  Moreover, you can catch up to the minute news on every conceivable betting factor each day.  Not withstanding your initial auto racing knowledge, you can quickly become an expert in short order.

Wagering Opportunities

By reason of its different form of qualifying Formula One also offers unique wagering opportunities.  While Formula One races often resemble a parade its qualifying process to determine the starting grid can offer excitement and opportunity for profit.

Last Tips

Granted, there are always big favorites on the auto racing board.  Of major concern is that gamblers avoid overlays.  Simultaneously auto racing can be a crap shoot.  Along the same lines it is imperative to avoid always betting on the favorite. Because of this, gamblers should always realize that addiction to chalk can be deadly in NASCAR!

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