Boyer Takes Round 1 of Final Sprint Cup Betting Action Chase Event

At long last the NASCAR season is getting down to the nitty-gritty and just one final Sprint Cup betting race, the Air Guard 400, remains until the de facto stock car playoffs begin!.

Clint Boyer struck first in the final Sprint Car betting action of the year when he won the Sylvania 300 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Sunday.  It’s hard to say what’s more surprising: Boyer’s unexpected win or the fact that they have NASCAR racing in the New England state of New Hampshire.

Anyway the event was an education, and it makes the 2010 final Sprint Cup odds for the rest of the Chase event awfully interesting.

After winning the race the triumphant Boyer was presented with an absolutely massive Lobster, something you would never expect to see at a NASCAR event and celebrated one of the most surprising Chase victories in years.

Heading into this first event of the final Sprint Cup betting series Bowyer was not even on the radar of most racing fans who were expecting someone like Denny Hamlin with a NASCAR leading 6 victories this season to come out and grab the first victory of the stockcar playoffs.

But that’s no how it went down and with a gutsy fuel strategy that allowed Boyer to stay on the track when other drivers fitted for gas, he coasted across the finish line with just enough fuel for short burn out.  He grabbed the checkered flag and then had to be pushed into the pits by a track wrecker.  Talk about a close call but it turned out fine and his crew chief looks brilliant.

With Boyer grabbing the checkered flag in the first race of the Final Sprint Cup odds action the Chase standings have been completely rearranged.

Hamlin still holds down the number spot in Chase standings after one race with a second place finish in New Hampshire.  With Boyer’s victory he moves into the second spot in the points standings (-35).  As expected Kevin Harvick also had a good showing, finishing fifth and holding tight at 3rd in the standings (-45).
Other big names still in the hunt for the final Sprint Cup betting competition include defending champ Jimmy Johnson who finds himself -92 points back after a disappointing race on Sunday.  Four time champ Jeff Gordon finished 6th and now sits in 5th place (-75).