F1 Odds for the 2009 Grosser Mobil 1 Grand Prix of Germany at SBG Global

F1 odds for the Grosser Mobil 1 Grand Prix of Germany are guaranteed to be popular with fans of international automobile racing.

F1 betting odds tend to attract a larger following in Europe than the F1 odds do in North America, yet there is no question that the sport is growing in popularity worldwide. Bettors analyzing the F1 betting odds will want to consider a variety of factors before placing a wager on the F1 odds.

F1 odds can involve a variety of wagers, but the most common method of wagering on F1 odds involves wagering on the outright winner of a race. Betting on the F1 odds for the Grand Prix of Germany will be no exception, meaning most gamblers assessing the F1 betting odds for the event will be trying to determine which racer has the greatest opportunity to win the race. Nevertheless, veterans of F1 betting odds know that one cannot simply wager on the most likely winner, as the F1 odds for that racer may be set such that the payout will be relatively low. Consequently, bettors must find a balance between a racer’s likelihood of winning and the payout that is established in the F1 odds.

In the 2009 Grand Prix of Germany there are a handful of racers who will likely attract the most attention in the F1 odds. For instance, Jenson Button is currently enjoying a tremendous sports betting season in which he has established himself at the top of the F1 hierarchy. Nevertheless, the F1 odds may not make wagering on Button very attractive, and he has never before won this event. Therefore, many bettors handicapping the F1 odds at a sports book may prefer to wager on racers whose F1 odds will result in a larger payout and who have proven capable of winning the event.

For example, one such racer is Lewis Hamilton, who won this event last year and has enjoyed a fairly successful season. Another possible option is Fernando Alonso, who won the event in 2005 and is similarly enjoying a fairly productive season. In fact, by wagering on the F1 odds for racers who are greater underdogs, one can easily place wagers on the F1 odds for more than one driver. Therefore, one possible approach to the F1 odds for this event would be to wager on both Hamilton and Alonso. Such a strategy would offer far better chances of winning than if one were to wager on just one of the drivers, while still allowing for a decent payout if either driver wins.

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