Grand Prix of Spain F1 Odds at SBG Global

F1 odds for the Grand Prix of Spain should be exciting for the race on Sunday, May 10th. Formula One made some changes this season and it has made F1 betting odds more competitive.

Let’s preview F1 odds for the Grand Prix of Spain. F1 odds are also dropping on team Brawn GP who has seemed well prepared to handle the new changes. They finished first and second in the opening race of the season, Ferrari has looked well prepared for the new season and their drivers should also be popular in F1 odds. The change to KERS the Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems has made things different in F1 odds as has the return to slick tires. Gamblers are also adjusting to the new changes for Formula One this season.

F1 odds for the Spanish Grand Prix will see the drivers complete 66 laps for a total of 307 kilometers. Ferrari has won this event 11 times while the driver with the most wins is Michael Schumacher with six. Last year in F1 odds it was Kimi Raikkonen taking the race for Ferrari with teammate Felipe Massa finishing second. Fernando Alonso was the F1 odds winner of this race in 2006 while Raikkonen won in 2005. Schumacher was the champ in F1 odds in this race from 2001 to 2004.

The most popular driver each week in F1 odds is normally Lewis Hamilton who won the championship last season. Alonso also gets a lot of attention in F1 betting odds on a weekly basis. It will be interesting to see how long it takes McLaren to get their drivers back to the top of the F1 standings.

Some of the drivers that started well this season in Formula one are Jenson Button who won the opening race and Rubens Barrichello who finished second. Some of the normal favorites in addition to Hamilton in F1 betting odds are Nick Heidfeld, defending champion Raikkonen and Felipe Massa.

The choices available each week in F1 betting odds are excellent on drivers to win the race and individual matchups. You can usually also bet on which constructor will win the race. The options to bet on a team or constructor to win the race are always popular while the matchups sometimes offer the best value.

You can bet F1 odds for the Grand Prix of Spain by opening an account at SBG Global today.

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