F1 Betting Odds – Grand Prix of Monaco

F1 betting odds heat up on Sunday, May 24th as the Grand Prix of Monaco takes place. F1 odds are very popular on this race from Monaco that is part of the Formula One racing season.

The race is held on the streets of Monaco which makes for excellent viewing and exciting Formula One racing.

F1 betting odds this season have been more unpredictable than ever. Jenson Button was the surprising winner in F1 odds the first two weeks while Sebastian Vettel won in F1 betting odds the third week. Last year it was all about Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in F1 betting odds but that has not been the case this season. Perhaps that will change in this race since Hamilton won in F1 betting odds in Monaco last year while Alonso won the previous two seasons. Kimi Raikkonen was the F1 betting odds winner of this race in 2005.

F1 betting odds were definitely not expected to feature the Brawn GP drivers but so far Button and Rubens Barrichello have bee making their mark. Red Bull was not expected to do anything either but Vettel and his teammate, Mark Webber has been a threat in F1 betting odds.

Most F1 betting odds experts were looking at McLaren Mercedes to lead the way again this season. So far that has not been the case as Hamilton has struggled. Renault has also had a poor start to the season with Alonso having trouble.

What will gamblers do in F1 betting odds this week? Will they take the young driver, Vettel who is being compared with Michael Schumacher or will they expect Hamilton to bounce back in F1 betting odds? There are a number of considerations to look at with the Monaco Grand Prix. Just because Hamilton and Alonso have struggled early in the season does not mean they can’t win at Monaco. It is also possible that Raikkonen gets back into the winner’s circle this week.

Another team that is struggling is Ferrari. They started the season horribly with neither of their car getting points in the first three races. It is the worst start to an F1 betting odds season for Ferrari since 1981.

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