Home to many exotic locales on F1 Betting at SBG Global

F1 betting is all about fast cars and top drivers. But for some auto racing fans, F1 betting is about much more than that.

In a trait that is unique to F1 betting, the several dozen races held throughout the year on the F1 betting circuit are all held at unique locales across the globe and for many fans that adds an extra dimension to the experience.

F1 betting fans have long been awe of the exotic and interesting locations that play host to these premier auto racing betting events. From the Far East to the Middle East to the extreme South to ancient backyards of Europe, there is simply no place off limits to Formula 1 betting events. For most auto racing betting fans this extra element adds to the already exciting composition of F1 betting and makes the sport even more thrilling.

If you compare this element of F1 betting racing to many other forms of auto racing betting it really does augment F1 betting’s standing as the best of the best among the other various auto racing betting leagues. Take for example NASCAR, a terribly exciting racing experience in its own right but it terms of locales, it can hardly hold a candle to the places on the F1 betting calendar.

Talladega and the Pocannos is about as interesting as it gets on the stock car circuit, whereas in stark contrast the F1 betting circuit holds races on every continent.

The F1 betting circuit starts off in Melbourne Australia before where late temperatures can soar to well over 100 degrees. After the inaugural F1 betting event of the season the tour then heads slightly north to Singapore and the Malaysia before heading to the Middle East and UAE. If that sounds like an awfully exotic schedule, hold on to your hats because the F1 betting circuit also passes through Europe, North America and South America as well hitting China and some times Japan.

You won’t find that kind of diversity in any other auto racing league except for F1 betting. And as any seasoned F1 betting fan knows, that’s what makes the sport so interesting.

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