F1 Betting vs. NASCAR Betting at SBG Global

F1 betting has enjoyed the top spot among most auto racing betting fans for decades.

Of course there have been lulls in the action where interest in F1 betting may have faded briefly, but on the whole F1 betting has dominated auto racing betting on a global scale. But NASCAR has been gaining huge ground in North America and could soon challenge F1 betting for its title as the most popular form of auto racing in world.

F1 betting has built up a huge edge amongst its competition in terms of fan popularity on a global scale. The international nature of Formula 1 betting has made it very appealing to audiences around the world. The simple fact that F1 betting features drivers from all over the planet and holds F1 betting events on every continent in the world positions it as such. NASCAR can hardly compete on that scale, but one thing that it does have that F1 betting does not, is the novelty factor.

NASCAR is something new and exciting and is a type of auto racing betting that is decidedly different than F1 betting. Instead of sleek open wheeled racing machines as featured in F1 betting, NASCAR features boxy stock cars with heaps of restrictions on the engines. Also NASCAR features a generally oval layout on its tracks which provides a much superior view for fans than what they have at F1 betting events. And NASCAR is something new and fresh and exciting. F1 betting has been around for decades with little change other than in the car design.

NASCAR is also making a huge push to try and gain ground on F1 betting in the international market. And in one of the biggest signs that it is perhaps gaining ground on F1 betting is the fact that F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya has actually become the first driver to switch circuits. But when all is said and done F1 betting simply provides a superior product with superior drivers and cars. And it’s for that reason that F1 betting despite a strong challenge from NASCAR in the near future will likely maintain its position as the top from of auto racing betting in the world.

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