F1 Betting on the Turkey Grand Prix at SBG Global

F1 betting fans have been introduced to a number of new venues over the past few years.

There is the Bahrain event, the Shanghai event, the Singapore Grand Prix coming in 2008 and of course the Turkey Grand Prix. All have proven to be great races but in terms of new tracks, F1 betting fans would have to look long and hard before they found a better racing course than the one featured in the Turkey Grand Prix.

F1 betting have always been in love with the races and the cars and drivers butt the really dedicated F1 betting fans also appreciate a great track. Designed by renowned German architect Hermann Tilke, the track featured in the Turkey Grand Prix is one of the finest new additions F1 betting has seen in a long time. While many new events emphasize the grand stands and the general facilities and try and out do one another with futuristic designs, the F1 betting track at the Turkey Grand Prix keeps it focus squarely on the track.

This track has been a hit with F1 betting fans as it draws on all the classic F1 betting surfaces for inspiration taking ideas from many different courses. Perhaps the most refreshing element of the track design here at the Turkey Grand Prix track is the fact that it takes into account the topography of the terrain in a way that few new tracks do. There are plenty of elevation changes and dips and drops on the 3.2 mile F1 betting course.

Real F1 betting purists also go nuts over the hairpin corners. The most famous of the Turkey Grand Prix corners is no doubt turn eight with its quadruple bends providing a very exciting finish to the race.

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa seems to have conquered this course winning two of the three Turkey Grand Prix events held so far. The other F1 betting win here went to his teammate Kimi Raikonnen in 2005. Anyway you look at it Ferrari should do awfully well at this F1 betting event in 2008 and could make quite a statement in the point standings with a one-two podium finish.