Formula 1 Betting on the Spain Grand Prix at SBG Global

There have been driving deaths in Formula 1 events and lolls in the competition such as in the early nineties, but one of the sports recent low points has been associated with the Spain Grand Prix.

Formula 1 betting has seen its ups and downs over the decades. Racism has infected all sports in Spain including soccer and the racial taunts that poison that sport have seeped into F1 betting in the run up to the Spain Grand Prix and other Formula 1 betting events.

Formula 1 betting suffered a huge blow earlier this year when it was reported that supremely talented second-year driver Lewis Hamilton, the first black driver in F1 history, was subjected to racial taunts at Formula 1 betting testing near Barcelona. The fear among the Formula 1 betting officials is that this blatant racism may spill over to the Spain Grand Prix in the near future. It would be a terrible shame for Formula 1 betting if that were the case and would likely mean the end of Formula 1 betting in Spain for at least some time into the future.

Regardless, the Spain Grand Prix is one of the great Formula 1 betting events for the drivers. The track layout is fun and fast and thrilling not only for Formula 1 betting fans but also for the drivers as well. Every F1 betting driver on the circuit is intimately familiar with the course as its home to most of the off-season testing by teams due to the favorable Spanish climate, which it possible for Formula 1 betting testing year round.

Even though it should technically be the home course for Spaniard Fernando Alonso the reality is that the other drivers are just as knowledgeable about the Formula 1 track as he is.

One advantage that Alonso does have at the Spain Grand Prix though is the support of the local fans. The Spanish are rabid supporters of F1 betting and their local son. Last year Ferrari’s Felipe Massa took the checkered flag and will look to do so again at this year’s Formula 1 betting event.

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