No Schumacher, no problem on F1 Betting at SBG Global

F1 betting fans were treated to most exciting finish in the history of the sport last year.

In what was the highlight of the entire auto racing betting world last year the F1 betting season came down to the final race in determining its driving champion. In dramatic come from behind fashion Kimi Raikkonen was the 2007 driver’s cup winner, but question on every auto racing betting fan’s mind at the moment is who will hoist the trophy in 2008?

F1 betting was expected to die several years ago when the racing legend Michael Schumacher retired from the sport. But a strange thing happened instead, something that no auto racing betting thought possible but every F1 betting fan secretly hoped would. The sport, instead of collapsing without the seven-time Formula 1 betting champion, actually became much more exciting.

In place of Schumacher a crop of very talented young drivers rose up and gave F1 betting the broad appeal that it had been searching so long for. Instead of Schumacher at the top of the F1 betting competitions we begin seeing names like Riakkonen, Alonso and Hamilton. In fact, last season, the second auto racing betting season without Schumacher, was the most thrilling in recent F1 betting memory. And to think that many F1 betting fans had been predicting the fall of one of auto racing betting’s greatest racing circuits.

But aside from the crop of talented young drivers coming and filling the competition void that had been lacking for so long in F1 betting there were other changes in the sport that also helped propel F1 betting back to the top of the racing heap. Several rule changes in the last year of Schumacher’s run at Ferrari also helped even out the competition and made F1 betting races much more competitive.

Instead of Ferrari racing to six straight F1 betting titles, other teams like McClaren and Renault began seriously challenging the Italian supremacy.

As the 208 F1 betting season nears, you can be sure that this intense competition will start up again where it left off last season. And this year’s auto racing betting season at the F1 betting level looks as competitive as it’s been in years.

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