Malaysian Grand Prix Odds at SBG Global

F1 Betting Odds makers, out of necessity, must be familiar with all the various racing venues around the world.

One of the hottest F1 betting venues on the planet is the Malaysian Grand Prix -quite literally. Along with the Aussie Grand Prix which opens the season the Malaysian Grand Prix betting can see temperatures soar which makes for some very interesting F1 betting.

F1 betting fans that have seen the Malaysian Grand Prix know of the heat that so many drivers complain about. The heat can be brutal for F1 betting drivers for several reasons. Obviously it’s awfully uncomfortable driving in those roasting, humid conditions. But aside from that the heat warms the track temperatures to ungodly heights and makes things very difficult on the tires which further complicate the F1 betting. Pit crews and race chiefs are acutely aware of the F1 betting challenges that such track temperatures present and tire pitting must be tended to accordingly.

The track itself at the Malaysian Grand Prix is not all that impressive but it is relatively state of the art and one of the newest tracks on the F1 betting circuit. Its futuristic looking grandstand in the center of the track and the wild twisting layout are perhaps the most memorable elements of this F1 betting course. Located outside of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur near Putra Jaya, the countries new nerve center the second race of the year on the F1 betting calendar always attracts plenty of attention.

Last year two-time F1 betting champ Fernando Alonso cruised to victory at the Sembawang track with a 17 second finish ahead of teammate Lewis Hamilton. The Spaniard has done well at this course and should be considered one of favorites at this year’s Malaysian Grand Prix. However, there are some doubts among the F1 betting community as to how well he’ll perform in a Renault car. Other F1 betting favorites include the usual suspects such as Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa and McLaren F1 betting wunderkind, Hamilton who ran very well here last year.

Anyway you dissect this race; it should be a great day for F1 betting.

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