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November 30, 2010 Auto Racing

Formula One Racing Championship Betting Odds. Racing Lines for all Formula 1 Grand Prix Online at SBG Global Sports Betting 24/7.

F1 betting lines sometimes don’t get a lot of attention at sportsbooks or from auto racing bettors and that is unfortunate since Formula 1 racing offers good opportunities to make money. Formula one racing betting offers F1 betting lines driver matchups, odds on the winner in Formula One racing, qualifying odds in Formula One motor racing, Formula 1 auto racing futures, etc.

As you bet Formula One racing you need to study the Formula One auto racing drivers, Formula One motorsports teams, Formula One Grand Prix tracks, and Formula 1 motorsports engine manufacturers and that applies to 2007 Formula One races as well. Each of these things is important in Formula One betting.

Usually in Formula 1 betting, including 2007 Formula 1 action, you have options to bet on who will win the Formula One motorsports race and you may be offered other choices like Formula One auto racing driver matchups, Formula 1 auto racing manufacturer matchups, etc. In Formula One betting you are oftentimes better off betting early rather than late and that applies to 2007 Formula 1 betting as well. You may get better Formula 1 motorsports prices betting earlier in the week in Formula 1 racing during the 2007 Formula 1 season as drivers compete for the Formula One championship.

Formula 1 racing has a good history that stretches back to 1950 in terms of Formula One Grand Prix champions in the racing league. Here is a look at the past winners of the Formula 1 racing Championship and the Formula One motor racing winning engine manufacturers.

Formula 1 Winner Teams
Year Driver / Champion Constructor
2006 Fernando Alonso Renault
2005 Fernando Alonso Renault
2004 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2003 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2002 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2001 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
2000 Michael Schumacher Ferrari
1999 Mika Hakkinen Ferrari
1998 Mika Hakkinen Ferrari
1997 Jacques Villeneuve Williams
1996 Damon Hill Williams
1995 Michael Schumacher Benetton
1994 Michael Schumacher Williams
1993 Alain Prost Williams
1992 Nigel Mansell Williams
1991 Ayrton Senna McLaren
1990 Ayrton Senna McLaren
1989 Alain Prost McLaren
1988 Ayrton Senna McLaren
1987 Nelson Piquet Williams
1986 Alain Prost Williams
1985 Alain Prost McLaren
1984 Niki Lauda McLaren
1983 Nelson Piquet Ferrari
1982 Keke Rosberg Ferrari
1981 Nelson Piquet Williams
1980 Alan Jones Williams
1979 Jody Scheckter Ferrari
1978 Mario Andretti Lotus
1977 Niki Lauda Ferrari
1976 James Hunt Ferrari
1975 Niki Lauda Ferrari
1974 Emerson Fittipaldi McLaren
1973 Jackie Stewart Lotus
1972 Emerson Fittipaldi Lotus
1971 Jackie Stewart Tyrrell
1970 Jochen Rindt Lotus
1969 Jackie Stewart Matra
1968 Graham Hill Lotus
1967 Denny Hulme Brabham
1966 Jack Brabham Brabham
1965 Jim Clark Lotus
1964 John Surtees Ferrari
1963 Jim Clark Lotus
1962 Graham Hill BRM
1961 Phil Hill Ferrari
1960 Jack Brabham Cooper
1959 Jack Brabham Cooper
1958 Mike Hawthorn Vanwall
1957 Juan Manuel Fangio  
1956 Juan Manuel Fangio  
1955 Juan Manuel Fangio  
1954 Juan Manuel Fangio  
1953 Alberto Ascari  
1952 Alberto Ascari  
1951 Juan Manuel Fangio  
1950 Giuseppe Farina  

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