F1 Betting Basics at SBG Global Sports Betting

F1 betting is a type of auto racing betting involving Formula One Grand Prix events.

The circuit has 18 races with drivers competing each week trying to earn points to the drivers’ and the manufacturers’ championships. F1 betting can have a number of different options including auto racing betting odds on practice sessions.  The Formula One races take an entire weekend, beginning with two practice sessions on Friday and one practice on Saturday.

After these practice sessions, a qualifying session is held and oftentimes in F1 betting there will be odds posted on the qualifying.  Auto racing betting odds on the qualifying have all 22 cars trying to qualify.  Only the fastest time for each car is counted.  The slowest six cars can get stuck in the last six positions on the grid.  The times for the other 16 cars are reset and another 15 minute qualifying session starts.  After this session, the six slowest cards go in positions 11-16 and the final 10 cars are reset for another session.  The final 10 cars then race for the top 10 starting spots.

In F1 betting you will notice that the races are about 190 miles long and last less than two hours.  Throughout the race, drivers may make one or more pit stops.  The top eight finishers are awarded points, as are their teams.  The drivers and the teams compete for the championships.

Formula 1 betting involves different auto racing betting options.  There are usually options to win each race and F1 betting matchups.  In addition to those two main F1 betting options you may also see qualifying F1 betting options.  You may also have other F1 betting options like the number of cautions, the speed of the race, etc.  F1 betting appeals to gamblers around the world because the races are held in many different countries.

F1 betting for many gamblers is different than NASCAR betting because in Formula One there are not nearly as many teams or drivers.  That makes for easier F1 betting choices although that does not always translate into value.  Looking at the matchups and some of the additional betting options sometimes will present better value than just the race odds each week.

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