F1 Betting on the Australian Grand Prix at SBG Global

F1 betting fans are starting to get the fever. No it’s not deadly, but what F1 betting fans have is certainly contagious as the sports fans around the world are catching the Australian Grand Prix fever.

With less than two weeks left before the big event kicks off the 2008 F1 betting season, F1 betting fever is spreading around the globe at an alarming pace. F1 betting tradition dictates that the season always begins in Australia.

The origins of this F1 betting tradition are unknown but for years Melbourne has been host to the Australian Grand Prix, the kickoff event for the F1 betting season. And so far so good as it seems only natural that the F1 betting season begins down under and what better spot that the scenic Melbourne.

This gorgeous road course has a little bit of everything that F1 betting fans love. It meanders through the down town area, past several park areas and stretches of water front as well. All and all there are many great features at this F1 betting event. There are also some other signature elements that aren’t always favorites for the F1 betting drivers. The heat can be brutal this time of year and that can make all the difference in the F1 betting.

In previous years teams have had serious problems with tires getting too greasy. Ferrari in particular has had some disappointing finishes here as the team used to run faster and softer slicks than its F1 betting competitors. However, with new technology and F1 betting rule changes tires have been less of an issue at the Australian Grand Prix.

Ferrari proved last year that it knew what it took to win the inaugural F1 betting event as eventual champ Kimi Raikkonen raced to victory in many F1 betting fans called a surprise win. This year Raikkonen must be considered among the favorites once again.

His teammate Brazilian Filipe Massa is also a top contender along with Leonard Hamilton. But the real wild card in many F1 betting fan’s minds will be, how well Fernando Alonso will do with his new set up at Renault. If the team can get the car right, there is no doubt that he has talent to win the Australian Grand Prix.