Daytona Betting bit different than normal at SBG Global

Sure, all the excitement and all the hoopla accompanying NASCAR betting’s biggest annual event will all be there as will the top notch racing that has come to characterize Daytona 500 betting in general.

But for big time fans of the sport and especially those of Dale Earnhardt, Jr, this will be a strange Daytona 500 betting experience indeed. Daytona 500 betting fans have a very long and storied history not only with Dale, Jr but with the entire Earnhardt racing family.

The relationship started about a half a century ago when grandfather Earnhardt ran in the early Daytona 500 betting competitions. His son then went on to become the biggest racing icon that NASCAR betting fans have ever known. That driver of course was Dale Earnhardt, the man in black, who so tragically lost his life during a seemingly innocuous accident at Daytona 500 betting event several years back.

Today, Daytona 500 betting fans will watch as the latest Earnhardt racing star tries his hand at winning on the race track that took his father’s life. For Junior, unquestionably the most popular driver anywhere in Daytona 500 betting, this race must be a bittersweet experience, a place where he’s experienced his highest professional highs, as well as perhaps the lowest of his personal lows. But this year will be especially bittersweet as it will be his first Daytona 500 betting even not run with his father’s racing team.

As every NASCAR betting fan knows Junior and DEI split ways at the end of the 2007 NASCAR betting season over disagreements with his late father’s wife. So the this year’s Daytona 500 betting event not only is a great event on the track but will also be rich in off-track story lines as well. For sentimental reason, the transition is obviously a difficult one for Junior and many Daytona 500 betting fans, but in terms of competitiveness, it couldn’t have worked out better for the former number 8 –and now 88- driver.

At Hendrick, Junior’s new team, he’ll have a real shot at not only being victorious in the Daytona 500 betting event, but every other NASCAR betting event on the calendar. Hendrick has the fastest cars on the track right now and all the Daytona 500 betting odds are on a Henrdrick drier winning the race. For many Daytona 500 betting fans, the hope is that that driver will be Junior.