Daytona 500 Odds at SBG Global Sports Betting

Daytona 500 odds are posted on nearly every sports betting web site on the web right now.

NASCAR betting fans are flooding the web with requests for Daytona 500 odds and the web sites have been happy to comply. But this year, with so many skilled drivers listed in the Daytona 500 odds it’s tough to know exactly which driver will emerge victorious and claim the title of 2008 Daytona 500 champ.

Daytona 500 odds experts opinion’s vary as to which driver will be standing in victory lane this year. Entering the 2008 season the field seems as wide open as its ever been for NASCAR betting’s biggest race of the year. But among the all the favored drivers in the Daytona 500 odds there are about a half a dozen that really stand out as top contenders in this years running of the sports Super Bowl. Anyone familiar with Daytona 500 odds is likely able to name of these drivers off the top of their head. But in case anyone is need of a review, here’s several drivers to keep you eye on in Daytona 500 odds.

Tony Stewart is someone that always seems to be in contention whether it’s the Daytona 500 odds event at the beginning of the year of it’s the season closer at Homestead, he seems to always be in the thick. Arguably the best driver in the sport he has run well in the last couple of years and threatened for the driving title last year before hitting a bad stretch. He should be among the favorites in the Daytona 500 odds this year, and if his car holds up, he’ll be there to the very end, according to most Daytona 500 odds makers.

But he’ll have plenty of competition in the Daytona 500 odds including defending NASCAR betting driving champ, Jimmy Johnson. Johnson was simply better than every else last year and he’ll be hoping that his fast set up from last season continues over into the Daytona 500 odds. He’s a terrific driver and he’s one of the best crews in the sport. Expect him to be a top finisher against the Daytona 500 odds.

Hendrick Motor Sports has a whole stable full of fast cars and talented drivers in this year’s Daytona 500 odds event and most Daytona 500 odds makers expect at least one of them on the podium. Johnson’s teammate Jeff Gordon, one of the sport’s icons is one of those drivers. Love him or hate him the guy flat out drive and he should be in the thick of things when it comes time to settle the Daytona 500 odds.

And yet another Hendrick driver, Dale Earnhardt will also be favored by many Daytona 500 odds fans. In his first NASCAR betting event since changing teams, he’ll be looking to make a statement and should have the car to do it.

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