Daytona 500 Odds for the big day at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Auto Racing

On February 17th the long wait will be over and NASCAR betting fans can rejoice in a fresh new season of wagering to be triggered by the Daytona 500 odds competition.

There is simply something very unique and special about the whole Daytona 500 odds experience that it makes one of the most exciting betting experiences around. Daytona 500 odds have been around for decades and have been an integral part of the experience since the very first race held right on the beach so many years ago. 

Today much has changed about the Daytona 500 betting experience since the Daytona 500 odds were first initiated.  Take for example the race itself, which for so many years was held in the sand directly on the beach.  The race has since moved to a state of the art track a few blocks away and Daytona 500 odds fans now watch from monstrous bleachers rather from their parked cars.

The crowd that attends the Daytona 500 odds competition has also changed nearly as much as the race has.  In the beginning there were little more than family members and friends of the drivers that would attend the humble event put together by would be NASCAR betting enthusiasts.  But over time the race grew as did its fan base and he demand for Daytona 500 odds.  Much of that growth was traditionally in the white southern male market for many years, but in the past decade the universal appeal of NASCAR betting has attracted a much more diverse base to Daytona 500 odds. 

Now Daytona 500 odds are sought after by nearly every demographic imaginable.  White southern men still make up the lion’s share of the Daytona 500 odds takers, but now women have also become a large part of the fan base as well as ethnic minorities.  Perhaps no group has shown more interest in recent years for Daytona 500 odds than the Latino community.  As most Daytona 500 odds fans know the US demography is changing rapidly and fastest growing minority group in the country is Latino, therefore it only makes since that they should also be the fastest growing group of Daytona 500 odds fans.

The NASCAR betting establishment has also done a very good job reaching out to this market and has pushed for an agenda of strong growth in this market segment.  Such things as having Spanish broadcasts of the race and bilingual signs at the race have helped attract new fans to the Daytona 500 odds experience.

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