Daytona 500 Betting season at SBG Global

DAYTONA 500 betting season is here again. After a very long winter break the NASCAR betting network is set to get back in action on February 17th.

Anyone familiar with stock car racing is more than familiar with the Daytona 500 and what exactly it means to the sport, but for the uninitiated it can some times be difficult to fathom exactly how important Daytona 500 betting is NASCAR.

Daytona 500 betting has been around for decades. The race itself is a constantly and ever-evolving competition that not only opens the entire Daytona 500 betting season but it also pits the top stock car drivers in the world against one another at one of the best pure racing tracks in the world. The race itself is held in the city of Daytona Beach Florida and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where Daytona 500 betting gets it name from.

Daytona beach was long a place for spring holidays for northerners to escape the cold up north, but thanks to racing and Daytona 500 betting the city will forever be known as the home of the most prestigious race in NASCAR betting. But the history of this city as a beachside resort town and Daytona 500 betting have long been linked. The city known for it’s sand and surf before Daytona 500 betting came to town actually had combined its top two attractions, beach and stock racing in the early days of Daytona 500 betting.

At that time the venerable race was actually held on the beach and so fans could enjoy a dip in the water while the entertained themselves with Daytona 500 betting. At that time the race was much more primitive as was NASCAR betting and stock racing in general. And of course the race itself was nowhere near 500 miles long but the basic foundation of Daytona 500 betting had been laid.

After several years of racing on the beach in old family sedans the bright idea was hatched to construct a stadium in city several blocks in from the beach and anyone familiar with Daytona 500 betting will tell you it was the best decision ever made for the city. Despite some crazy spring break years in the 1970s and 80s the city is still known more for Daytona 500 betting and racing then any other single claim to fame. For NASCAR betting fans this place is Graceland.

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