Indy Car Betting overtake NASCAR Betting at SBG Global

Indy car betting was, for many years the ultimate when it came to auto racing betting in the U.S.

However, times have changed and as every auto racing betting fan knows those days have long passed and Indy car betting has taken a back seat to NASCAR betting. But with interest in Indy car betting enjoying a renewal the possibility of Indy car betting regaining its position as the top auto racing betting sport is more than just a remote possibility.

Indy car betting fans have seen their beloved sport get steam-rolled by the NASCAR juggernaut in the past decade. As the Indy car betting scene imploded in the mid-90s it left a huge opening for another form of auto racing betting to take up the mantle as the top racing sport. Indy car betting split into two competitive racing leagues and Indy car betting fans were the worse for it.

However, with a reconciliation of the two Indy car betting leagues in the works and already on paper the possibility of Indy car betting rising from the ashes is a real possibility. Still, critics will contend that it will take a miracle for Indy car betting to overtake the highly regarded NASCAR and that it won’t happen for many years. And that is realistic possibility, but with NASCAR’s popularity somewhat declining and the potential for Indy car betting looking very good it’s simply a matter of time before the Indy car betting is again challenging for the top spot in the auto racing world.

The defection of Indy car betting’s champ to NASCAR at the end of last season was a bit discouraging, but it’s not likely to happen again considering how poorly Dario Franchitti is doing this year the stock car racing. Plus with the reunification of the two Indy car betting leagues, the competition will increase dramatically. The venues will also be much better now in the Indy car betting events and more money from pooled resources will mean much better marketing for Indy car betting events as well. NASCAR popularity has declined over the past two years, and with Indy car betting on the rise, it’s only a matter of time before it challenges the stock cars for supremacy.

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