Win the Indianapolis 500 Betting at SBG Global

Indianapolis 500 betting has seen its share of superstars over the past century.

However, in the history of Indy car betting there has never quite been a driver like Danica Patrick. This year Patrick will competing in her fourth Indianapolis 500 betting event and after coming close to success here in her previous Indy car betting races, she’ll be looking to finally capture an Indianapolis 500 betting title.

Indianapolis 500 betting is always competitive and this year it is especially so considering the recent merger of the IRL and Champ Car. With even more talented drivers slated to compete in this year’s Indianapolis 500 betting than in recent years Patrick’s chances of winning the Indianapolis betting title certainly has diminished somewhat from last season. However, Patrick has proven she’s one of the top drivers in Indy car betting and has had especially good fortune at the Indianapolis 500 betting events.

In her first ever Indianapolis 500 betting race Patrick finished fourth place and just off the Indy car betting podium. That finish earned her the respect of the Indianapolis 500 betting world the award for the races top rookie that year. In her second and third Indianapolis 500 betting events Patrick’s performance slipped a bit. In 2006 and 2007 she finished eighth in the Indianapolis 500 betting although last year’s eighth place finish was with a new team and this year she’ll be looking to improve on that finish with a year of experience at one of Indianapolis 500 betting’s best teams, Andretti-Green Racing.

But this year will be the toughest Indianapolis 500 betting challenge of Patrick’s career. With the influx of top new drivers from the Champ Car series the Indy car betting odds will against Patrick winning the 2008 Indianapolis 500 betting race. But beating the odds is nothing new for Patrick who has been doing that her entire Indy car betting career. If Patrick can race at her peak form and get some Indianapolis 500 betting luck you never know what could happen. Much of the Indianapolis 500 betting community will continue to dismiss the woman driver until she gets a victory and nothing would shut up the critics faster than an Indianapolis 500 betting win.

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