Can anyone stop Jimmie Johnson in Nascar Betting?

Another NASCAR betting season has debuted this year and while there are a few things that are different, some things haven’t changed at all, especially if you bet on NASCAR.

Chances are if you’ve bet on NASCAR this season and bet on Jimmie Johnson to win any of the 5 races that have been run so far in this online betting season, you’ve won some money.

The reigning NASCAR betting champ hasn’t lost a step since winning his fourth consecutive championship last season and looks on pace to make it a sports betting milestone of five straight by the end of this year’s NASCAR betting season.

Many bet on NASCAR experts expected Johnson’s performance to drop off this year as the level of success he’s been enjoying in NASCAR betting is simply unprecedented and no in the sport’s history have ever come close to doing what Johnson has accomplished in NASCAR racing wagering.

But to the contrary, Johnson has actually improved upon his NASCAR betting performance from a year ago and is off to his best start ever to a racing season.  Right now, in NASCAR racing competition, there is simply no other driver out there that can seriously challenge Johnson and his quest for a 5th straight online betting title.  The best the other drivers can do is hope his car to give out, but with the best pit crew in stock car racing betting action, that appears unlikely.

Johnson has 3 wins in the 5 NASCAR betting starts this season (an unbelievable 60% winning percentage in the NASCAR odds) and recently won at tight track at Bristol, something he’d never accomplished in his NASCAR career. 

If Johnson continues to keep up this torrid pace, and there doesn’t seem any reason why he won’t, he’ll dominate the regular stock car betting season clean up in the Chase leading to yet NASCAR gambling title another title.  And five straight NASCAR titles would be one of the most impressive feats in sports betting history.

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