Auto Racing Betting Tracks at SBG Global

Bet auto racing fans know that one the key elements for any auto racing betting event is the course.

For anyone that has ever bet auto racing events in open-wheeled racing knows that the huge variety of race courses is one of the most endearing elements of the sport. Formula One especially boasts of great sites to bet auto racing and it is this collection of global race sites that makes F-1 auto racing betting as special as it is.

Bet auto racing sites vary as much as fans’ tastes. But when it comes to F-1 there is almost universal acknowledgement that the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo is the piece de resistance. For anyone that has ever bet auto racing events here in the tiny European principality it all but unforgettable. Rarely are auto racing betting event locales so breathtaking and as such bet auto racing enthusiasts having been coming back for decades. With its seaside track route, mountain climbs and twists through medieval streets this one of the most spectacular sites to bet auto racing in the world.

But there are plenty of other great sites to bet auto racing in F-1 and they’re not all that hard to find. The Brazilian Grand Prix is also a fine site to bet auto racing. With the sun and fun and great racing history in Brazil auto racing fans flock the world over to catch a race and enjoy some R&R at the same time while they bet auto racing. Another tremendous locale to bet auto racing comes early on the F-1 calendar. The Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne is great way to kick off the bet auto racing season and is one of the best kept secrets in auto racing betting. The road course snakes through down town and along the harbor to create breathtaking scene mixed with opportunities to bet auto racing.

This year a new venue will be added to the bet auto racing calendar that is sure to impress auto racing betting enthusiasts. Singapore will host its first Formula One auto racing betting event and it will likely become one of the favorite sites to bet auto racing for F-1 fans. The course will run along the harbor with a gorgeous back drop of sky scrapers and colonial architecture sure to please the aesthetic demands of bet auto racing fans. With some elevation change and several wicked hairpins, this bet auto racing course looks to be a hit with the auto racing betting community.

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