Auto Racing Odds for Formula 3 racing at SBG Global

Anyone that has ever bet on the auto racing betting odds knows the major leagues like NASCAR, F-1 and Indy Car.

But one of the lesser known type of auto racing odds, but one of the most thrilling, are auto racing betting odds for Formula 3 racing. Auto racing odds makers make headlines for their coverage of the better known racing leagues but pound for pound Formula 3 may the most exiting game in the auto racing betting world.

For auto racing odds fans not familiar with Formula 3 racing, it’s a feeder series for Formula 1 and one of the best kept secrets anywhere in auto racing betting odds. The only drawback to Formula 3 wagering is that is doesn’t receive nearly as much publicity as some of the other auto racing odds leagues and it can be difficult at times to find auto racing odds for the events. But with a little diligence and patience almost any auto racing odds can be found online, including those for Formula 3 events.

One of the things that makes auto racing betting so special is the fact that all the top drivers in the world break there teeth in on Formula 3 and that means a chance to see great drivers and play auto racing odds at the same time. Michael Schumacher, Aryton Senna, Lewis Hamilton, Juan Pablo Montoya, Jacques Villenueve, Damon Hill, etc have all been featured in auto racing odds for Formula three racing through the ages. And if you were to look up Formula 3 auto racing odds right now you’d likely encounter the name of a future F-1 champ as well.

Another thing that makes Formula 3 auto racing betting odds so interesting is the fact that the series also features the most challenging race courses in all of auto racing betting odds. Because of the higher speeds attained by cars in Formula One racing odds competitions this limits some of the tighter racing courses from the calendar. But Formula 3 cars, which have slightly lower top speeds can run on any auto racing odds course and this results in some spectacularly technical courses.

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