Battle in Indianapolis 500 betting at SBG Global

Anyone familiar with the history of Indy car betting is certainly familiar with the names of Andretti and Rahal as great names in Indianapolis betting.

But these names are no longer historical references as a new generation of the legendary racing families is now quickly climbing up the driver standings. Indianapolis betting fans will see the names Andretti and Rahal all over the Indianapolis betting this year.

But it won’t be Bobby, Mario and Michael in the Indy car betting standings. Instead it will be Graham Rahal and Marco Andretti carrying on the family name when it comes time for the 2008 edition on Indianapolis 500 betting. Some Indianapolis 500 betting fans may not have heard of these young drivers before, but it’s only a matter of time before the world of Indy car betting becomes very familiar with them.

The young Rahal went out of his way to introduce himself to the Indianapolis betting crowd by winning his first race in the Indy car betting circuit. But the win was special for than just being the first of the drivers Indianapolis betting career. By winning the race he became the youngest driver in the history of Indy car betting to win a race at just 19 years of age. And who’s Indianapolis record did he break you might ask? No other than Marco Andretti who had previously held the Indianapolis betting mark.

Hardly a greybeard at the age of 21 Marko has enjoyed moderate success on the Indianapolis betting circuit and will be looking to improve upon last years up and down season that tasted victory but also suffered through much mechanical failure. So far in the 2008 Indianapolis betting season Marco sits fourth in the points standings tied with Graham and Dan Wheldon.

After just two races these two young drivers look to be among the best that Indianapolis betting has to offer. And with the Indy 500 just around the corner you have to believe that the drivers from the legendary families will be among the favorites walk away with Indianapolis betting’s biggest prize at The Old Brickyard. And even if they don’t take the prize this year, there is plenty of time left in their young Indianapolis betting career to take the trophy.

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