Another NASCAR Betting event at SBG Global

NASCAR betting is composed of streaks and any driver that’s participated in betting NASCAR racing events will tell you this.

Sometime the streaks in NASCAR betting are good and sometimes they’re bad. Right now Dale Earnhardt Junior is stuck in nightmare NASCAR betting streak and it’s been over a year since he’s tasted victory in the betting NASCAR racing world.

NASCAR betting pundits and odds makers and even his own fans have been asking for months whether or not he’ll ever get off his slide. For all those NASCAR betting fans crying in their beer for Junior here’s a simple piece of advice: get over it. Junior will be back in the NASCAR betting winning circle soon enough. Even though it may seem as if it’s been an eternity since he pranced around victory lane in NASCAR betting NASCAR racing this bit of bad luck shall pass. In fact, it’s impossible to think that Junior won’t soon taste NASCAR betting glory.

The simple odds favor this outcome and anyone that has ever engaged in NASCAR betting cannot deny the important of odds and statistical probability. This current winless streak that Junior is on is unfortunate but is more a reflection of bad luck than a sign that his ability in NASCAR betting has diminished. In fact, during this steak he’s actually driven quite well (at least this betting NASCAR racing season) and there are many instances where’s he’s driven well enough to win the NASCAR betting event but fallen just short thanks to mechanical breakdown, an errant bump or costly caution flag.

Junior is currently third in the standings and closer to winning his first NASCAR betting driving crown than ever before. The way that NASCAR betting is set up drivers are rewarded more for consistency than for victories. This is a perfect scenario for Junior as he’s been oh so close to winning many of the NASCAR betting events this year but has fallen just short. Matter not, as he’s still been rewarded with the points and ranks among the very best in the NASCAR betting.

At the end of the day Junior has one of the best cars in the sport, is driving superbly and probably sooner rather than later he’ll break out of his NASCAR betting funk. But the way thing are going right now, perhaps not winning NASCAR betting races is the just the thing that Junior needs to keep doing if he wants to take his first betting NASCAR racing title.

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