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Nascar Racing – Allstate 400 at the Brickyard

The NASCAR betting Allstate 400 at The Brickyard NASCAR race track will be held on Sunday, July 29th and will be televised on ESPN.  The race was formerly known from 1994 to 2004 as the Brickyard 400.  It is a 400 mile race held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway NASCAR race track in Speedway, Indiana.  The Allstate 400 is always exciting and very popular with NASCAR betting fans.  Jimmy Johnson is the defending champion and will be one of the NASCAR betting favorites. The Allstate 400 is 160 laps and 400 miles on the NASCAR race track. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is 2.5 mile rectangle and is one of the most famous NASCAR betting race courses in the world. It was not built for stock cars as it has only 9 degrees of banking and very long straight-aways. This makes passing very difficult and track position is very important on this NASCAR race track. This is a key factor when it comes to NASCAR betting.

Jimmy Johnson won in 2006 and Tony Stewart won in 2005 NASCAR betting lines.  The 2005 victory was very emotional for Stewart.  Tony Stewart grew up in Indiana and it was a very special win for him. Jeff Gordon is another solid NASCAR betting contender to win the Allstate 400.  Gordon has always done well at Indianapolis and is also the NASCAR points leader and NASCAR betting favorite for many NASCAR betting players.

Many times the Brickyard race at the NASCAR race track is decided on track position.  That makes pit strategy and teamwork very important at Indianapolis. Jeff Gordon has been the expert at Indianapolis and would be a solid NASCAR betting choice to win again.

Johnson got the victory in 2006 but it was not easy. "There was nothing of a championship on my mind today," Johnson said last year, "I want this trophy over here with the brick on it." Johnson had to overcome a flat left front tire on the 40th of 160 laps. "I was really nervous because (even though) I knew we had a fast race car, I had to come through traffic, and I knew it would be harder on the tires coming through traffic," he said. "(Once we got) the tire pressures right, this baby was money after that."

"Jimmie drove an unbelievable race," said owner Rick Hendrick, "He made some moves on the track I’ve never seen on this track before."
"This is honestly the best weekend of my life," crew chief Chad Knaus said. "I never thought I’d ever win at this racetrack. It’s something we had not been able to conquer. I just wanted to come here and make peace with it."

Jimmie Johnson had never led a lap at the Brickyard before last year, which caused a big surprise in NASCAR betting fans.

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