Betting NASCAR at the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at SBG Global

Betting NASCAR fans and hanger-oners don’t have to wait long for the competition of NASCAR betting odd to head back to New England.

Most people don’t think of New England and betting NASCAR in the same thought, but sure enough there are more than a handful of betting NASCAR racing events in quaint northeast region. The next betting NASCAR event in fact will be the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH.

Betting NASCAR is so often identified with the South that many outsiders and even betting NASCAR odds fans themselves aren’t aware just how much the racing circuit has grown. There are now betting NASCAR events in California, Kansas, Ohio, Michigan, even Mexico, and of course New Hampshire. In fact, among New England, New Hampshire is the undisputed state champ of betting NASCAR, and by holding several events a year is on par with some Southern states in terms of betting NASCAR racing.

The Lenox 301 is a unique race in that its 301 miles long rather than the traditional 250, 300, 250, 400, 500, or 600 miles of most betting NASCAR events. However, starting in 2008 the length will 301, which signals the sponsor’s desire to go the “extra mile”. It’s a pretty good gimmick, you must admit, and will no doubt carve out a name for the race in the betting NASCAR racing world.

The NASCAR odds event will be held at the New Hampshire International Speedway which is a tight one-miler that can be a very tricky little track. As with most short tracks in betting NASCAR this track has its own distinct personality. Its turns have variable banking which takes some betting NASCAR drivers a bit to get accustomed to. Another element that makes this betting NASCAR racing venue interesting is the fact that even the straights have one-degree of banking.

Last year’s champ Kyle Busch will be looking to repeat and with the way he’s been running so far in the betting NASCAR odds this season, only bad luck will keep him out of the winner’s circle and victory lane.