Popular AFL Betting Odds Methods

AFL betting odds are oftentimes handicapped in a similar way

Many people will look at statistics, trends, and media stories in order to uncover that “hidden” gem on the AFL betting odds board. The problem with finding that gem is that it rarely exists on the AFL betting odds board.

AFL betting odds are handicapping the same way by most gamblers. Everyone that handicaps goes over the statistics that apply to AFL odds. In fact, there are even programs that will spit out projected results on the games on the AFL betting odds board each week. The problem is that the AFL odds makers do a lot of statistical analysis as well and you won't be uncovering anything that they don't already know. Stats are just too easy to find and to uncover and it is rare when you find statistics that lead you to winners by themselves.

Trend handicappers are a dime a dozen and you can find all sorts of great AFL betting odds trends at Internet gambling chat boards and on tout sheets and trade publications, all of which are known by the AFL odds makers. Beyond that, trends are based on the past and you are therefore handicapping with the rear-view mirror when looking at AFL betting odds. Trends can sometimes be interesting to look at but so often they are an overrated part of handicapping in all sports.

Coaches will tell you that games are not won or lost in the media but sometimes gamblers looking at AFL betting odds think otherwise. If you think you are the only person reading up on the upcoming games you are not being realistic in your view of AFL odds. The AFL betting odds makers know all of the news and, beyond that, what you think about it as a member of the gambling public. It never hurts to read media reports but realize that they have probably been read by everyone else too.

If you want to win versus AFL betting odds this season you must go beyond the obvious and look at other factors that don’t include trends, statistics and media news. If you are just doing what everyone else is doing you are likely to lose when betting AFL betting odds.