Arena Football Odds for TV Games

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena football odds are definitely more popular on ESPN 2 games on Monday nights.

If you think that the Arena football betting lines for TV games are made the same as they are for other games you are mistaken. The Arena football odds for TV games are made by taking one factor into consideration more than anything else, the public.

Arena football odds makers really focus and spend more time on Arena football betting lines if they know the game is on TV. It seems like this should not be the case and that the numbers should speak for themselves, but they don’t. The TV factor is obviously not the same as it is in the NFL or college football since Arena football odds are not as popular but it does exist. For example, let’s say that San Jose is hosting Los Angeles on Monday night. All of the Monday night games are on ESPN 2 so they attract more attention. This automatically means Arena football odds on the Monday night game will be shaded toward the home team and the over. The public doesn’t want to bet the road team and they sure don’t want to take an Arena game under the total.

When it comes to Arena football betting we know that the public is probably going to bet the favorite and the over. With TV games this is a definite fact. The Arena football odds makers know this fact as well. They are going to shade the favorite and the total because they know the public is likely to bet both of those things. You should be aware of this fact the next time you bet a TV game in Arena football betting. You can’t just automatically take the underdog because of the extra line value in Arena football odds but you should really be aware of the extra price you are paying on the favorite simply for the fact the game is on TV.

Arena football odds are interesting to consider because the games are so high scoring. That makes the TV games and the Arena football odds associated with them bargains for gamblers willing to take the under. It is tough to play an under on the Arena football odds board but that is usually where the value lies. The public will drive the total higher in Arena football odds whenever the game is on TV and that means you should seriously consider taking the under.