Arena Football Odds and Parlays

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena football odds offer excellent chances to bet parlays.

A parlay in Arena football betting gives gamblers a chance to win a lot of money without risking much. It definitely sounds great and can be very exciting, but is it a good bet?

Arena football odds are similar to NFL odds with games beginning on Thursday or Friday and ending each week on Monday. As you look at Arena football odds remember that a parlay is a bet that links together multiple teams into one wager. The parlay wins if every one of the teams on the ticket wins. If any one of those teams does not cover the spread then the entire wager is lost. If any single team ties the spread then the parlay is still good but it drops down to the next level, or just as if the tying team never was played at all.

The biggest reason people bet a parlay in Arena football betting is to get a little for a lot. It is a big draw for the gambler looking at Arena football odds. Since each part of the parlay must win in order to for a player to cash, the payouts are pretty nice. The problem is they are tougher to hit. Let’s say you have four teams on an Arena football betting parlay. All four of your teams must cover the Arena football odds for you to get paid. If you do happen to hit the four team parlay your payoff versus Arena football odds will probably be 10-1. That is enticing to many people because if they bet $10 they can win $100. That sounds great, but again, it is difficult to hit all four games versus Arena football odds.

Parlays are not easy to win when looking at Arena football odds.  Many players believe that they can pick winners out of the air and hit a parlay. It is not that easy. Even though parlays are not the most advantageous to play for gamblers looking at Arena football odds, they are fun. There are occasions where you can hit them when looking at Arena football odds. Just remember that the odds are not in your favor and don’t look at them as a big part of your overall Arena football betting. Take them for what they are, nice sidelines that provide entertainment and excitement versus Arena football odds.

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