Gamblers & AFL Betting Odds

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting odds appeal to a wide variety of gamblers

There are many different ways to bet sports or casinos games and there are different types of gamblers that wager versus AFL odds. If you study the different types of gamblers you can learn which ones are successful and which ones are not wagering versus AFL betting odds.

AFL betting odds give gamblers action throughout the spring and summer months. The gambler that loves this the most is the “action” player. These gamblers are in it basically for the action. Oh sure, they want to win at any type of sports betting including AFL betting odds but their very actions demonstrate that, deep down, its more about “action” than any long term purpose. The action gambler features such characteristics as wildly different betting amounts on the games, along with no set handicapping methodology or sense of purpose when wagering on AFL betting odds. Beyond that, the action player will play a laundry list of games versus AFL odds, and most certainly both the side and totals of feature televised games, along with props and parlays to boot. Action players will play anything at anytime.

Another type of gambler that wagers against AFL odds is the wannabe. This gambler likes to run off at the mouth and brag about his success, and will often dress or talk flashy but, in reality, they are no more effective than an action player. While a wannabe is just that, somebody that wants to be a pro gambler, he lacks the expertise, focus, and discipline to become a winner versus AFL betting odds.

Another type of gambler versus AFL betting odds is the hobbyist. This player means well, and works hard, and is not obnoxious or over-bearing but, at the same time, they are unsuccessful in the end versus AFL betting odds. These gamblers like to tinker with theories and formulas, but never quite get it right versus AFL betting odds.

The other type of gambler is the pro. He looks at AFL betting odds and expects to win money. He doesn’t play every game in the AFL odds board. He looks for certain situations and then attacks the weak AFL betting odds. The pro gambler is what people should aspire to emulate.

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