Arena Football Betting Money Lines

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena football betting for many gamblers is only about betting sides and totals.

What they often overlook is betting the money line. Arena football betting lines almost always have money lines attached to them. It is these money lines we want to consider today in Arena football betting.

Arena football betting money lines eliminate the point spread entirely. All you want your team to do is win. There are no points involved. An example from an Arena football betting line would look like this:

San Jose +200
Los Angeles   -240

If you like Los Angeles you are risking $240 for every $100 dollars you want to win.  If you like San Jose you get $200 dollars back for every $100 you wager.  You will usually see Arena football betting money lines on games where the pointspread is less than ten points. If the Arena football betting line on the game gets too high then you probably won’t see a money line attached to the game. That decision is up to the sportsbooks, but anytime you see a line higher than 10 on the Arena football betting line you probably won’t get a money line on the game.

If you are considering Arena football betting and play a lot of underdogs you might want to take them on the money line as well. Many times when a team covers the spread they will also win the game outright in Arena football betting. The Arena football betting line is usually full of games that have competitive pointspreads and these games are oftentimes worth betting on the money line. Most gamblers will only look to take the underdogs on the money line in Arena football betting but there may be times when the favorites have value. It is all about examining each game in Arena football betting to see where taking the money line might be worth it.

Whenever you are considering Arena football betting it is always worth at least glancing at the money line to see if you have some value.  Any time you can get a little extra value in your Arena football betting it is worth considering and that is what money lines can do for you.

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