Arena Football Betting Middles

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena football betting provides perhaps the best opportunity for middling of any of the sports.

What exactly is a middle and how do you middle a bet versus the Arena football betting line?  Let’s take a look?

Arena football betting has a lot of line movement and that is good news for players that want to middle a game. To get a middle in Arena football betting means you get the best of the line on both sides of a game.  To win the middle the score has to land in between those two numbers. For example, in Arena football betting you could have San Jose at -2.5 points and take Los Angeles at +3.5 points.  If the game landed 3 we would win both of our bets versus the Arena football betting line.  There is also what is called a half-middle.  For example, we take San Jose at -2.5 points and take Los Angeles at +3.  If the game lands 3 we hit with San Jose and push Los Angeles.  You can do the same thing with a total in Arena football betting.  For example, we could take that same game under the total of 107 and take the same game over the total of 104.  The trick with Arena football betting middles is finding the numbers to make a middle worthwhile. That previous example is a great middling opportunity because the number 3 is a common one in Arena football betting. Other numbers are less common and middles are more difficult to hit unless you get big line moves.

What happens when you play Arena football betting middles is that you risk a small amount for a big potential payoff. Take that example again. If you bet $110 on San Jose and $110 on Los Angeles and the game didn’t land on three then you win one bet and lose the other in Arena football betting. Your loss is $10. The Arena football betting line provides excellent middling opportunities because it moves so much. It is not unusual in Arena football betting to see the line move 6 or 7 points. That would be a great opportunity to hit a middle if you got the number early.

Those are the basics for Arena football betting middles. Take a hard look at the Arena football betting line this year and consider betting middles. They can be very profitable.

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