Arena Football Betting Underdogs

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena football betting underdogs are always worth considering, especially in this high scoring league

The dog is always the first place to look in an Arena Football betting situation as many times the team getting points shouldn’t be.

Arena football betting is high scoring and sometimes unpredictable. Taking underdogs is never a bad thought. You need to do a few things first before taking those dogs in Arena Football betting lines. Ask yourself these questions. First, is the underdog truly the lesser of the two teams in the matchup? Or, as is often the case, the underdog the equal or even the better of the two teams involved? If so, then you have a strong Arena Football betting candidate.

The next thing to analyze is the question as to why the underdog is getting points on the Arena Football betting lines? If you have determined that the dog is equal to or better than the chalk, what were the factors involved in the Arena Football betting lines being what they are? Is the chalk simply laying points out of the traditional deference to the home field advantage? Does the favorite seem to have the dog’s “number” and own the series? Does the chalk or the home team always cover in Arena Football betting? Is there a key injury to the underdog? Did the dog come off a bad game last week or did the chalk come off an impressive win or a combination of the two? These are all factors that the mainstream gambling public takes into account and often overreacts too, and the Arena Football betting oddsmakers are well aware of this and adjust their Arena Football betting lines to meet the demands and perception of the masses.

Also consider whether or not the underdog has the better defense in Arena Football betting. If it does, this further builds the case to take the points in Arena Football betting. A good defense will, in most cases, prevent the chalk from running away and hiding and keep the underdog in the game and within the Arena Football betting number posted on the boards.

Finally, does the underdog have an equal or superior quarterback to the favored team? If so, they are a dangerous live dog as a superior quarterback can keep a team in a game and often sneak them through the “back door” for a late cover in the final minutes of Arena Football betting action. A team with a superior quarterback is rarely out of a game in Arena Football betting.