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November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

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Something where bettors can actually find an edge against sportsbooks is Arena Football betting. Sports betting players that wager on the Arena Football League (AFL) are still not that plentiful which is unfortunate because an Arena Football betting line can be beaten.

Let’s look at some of the differences in Arena Football betting and look at some good Arena Football betting tips. When you look at any Arena Football betting line remember that the game is different than NFL football. The Arena Football betting games are very high scoring.

The field is shorter, the rules are different and things move fast. The sportsbooks don’t have the edge that they enjoy in the NFL because sports betting players can get great information and great Arena Football betting tips. Newspapers in each of the team’s cities provide information and Arena Football betting tips on each team that is usually ignored by the sportsbook. Bettors can find out injuries first because online sportsbooks have to rely upon an Arena Football betting oddsmaking service for the lines on the game and the service does not do enough research for Arena Football betting tips.

The Arena Football League is based on offense. If key players are missing from a team it can have a big effect on the game’s result and you should know that as you consider AFL betting tips. Sportsbooks in Las Vegas and around the world don’t get that much action on Arena Football betting and the action they do get is usually from sports betting professionals. That keeps limits on Arena games low, but you can still make good money with AFL betting tips.

Sportsbooks get concerned about Arena Football because they know their lines are weak. It is not unusual for an Arena Football betting line to move as much as 6 or 7 points, especially on a total. That is something you never see in other sports betting. This shows that bettors have good AFL betting tips and that is good news for you.

As you look at betting Arena Football, look at line movement. The pros are betting these games and you have to respect their Arena Football betting tips. For example, let’s say Las Vegas is playing at Los Angeles and the Arena Football betting line opened with L.A. a three-point favorite and a total of 104. We look at the current Arena Football betting line and see that Las Vegas is now a 2-point favorite and the total has gone up to 106. We should immediately look at playing Las Vegas and the over. You always want to follow AFL betting tips, not oppose them. We then can handicap using other factors to support what the line movement has shown.

We want to remember to start by looking at what the wise guys have played in Arena Football and their Arena Football betting tips. If they have made a strong play then you should really take a look at the Arena Football betting tips on the game.

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