Arena Football Betting Pointspread Value

November 30, 2010 Arena Football

Arena football betting is different than other forms of sports betting but one thing is similar and that is you need to find value.

Always remember that just because a team is doing well in the standings doesn’t mean they are winning against the spread. You can look at the opposite of that fact and see poor teams in the standings straight up, yet they have a good record against the Arena Football betting lines.

Arena football betting value begins by looking where other people will not. Some teams may be playing great while others are playing poorly but you very often have to look beyond the standings to get to value in Arena football betting lines. We need to remember that oddsmakers and the public are very slow to change their opinion of teams. Sometimes it takes a few weeks for a team’s reputation to change in regards to the public or the oddsmaker that makes Arena Football betting lines.

Sometimes a team’s football betting value will point you in various directions. A team that gets off to a strong start could have that reputation all season but a team that starts slow may be ignored by the public all season in Arena Football betting. Arena Football betting value is a strange thing and sometimes takes a long time to change gears. It could be that a team like Dallas has a great reputation yet they struggle to cover the Arena Football betting lines. That reputation probably won’t change much unless the Desperados lose a game. The same thing might apply to a team like Kansas City. They may struggle straight up but might win against the Arena Football betting odds. It may take all season for bettors to catch on to the Arena Football betting ATS winning streak simply for the fact that the team loses straight up.

Another place to look for Arena Football betting value is the line. Sometimes you can get the extra half point just by looking at multiple sportsbooks. A few extra wins that would have been ties and ties that would have been losses can make a big difference in Arena Football betting.

In Arena Football betting it is always to your advantage to get as much line value as possible. That may come in terms of the Arena Football betting odds or it may come from how teams are thought of. As you make your bets this season look for value wherever you can find it. Sometimes it will be as simple as going against the flow, but other times it may be in the Arena Football betting odds.

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