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November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena Football odds, lines and point spreads when betting on AFL Online at SBG Global Sports Betting 24/7.

A sport that often gets ignored but it still posted at online sportsbooks is Arena Football. The Arena Football League (AFL) has been in operation since 1987 even though most sports betting players still don’t play the Arena Football betting line. The good news for sportsbook betting players is that Arena Football odds are beatable. Sportsbooks have low limits and post Arena Football odds more out of a courtesy. Sportsbooks would prefer not to book Arena Football odds at all.

Sports betting players that focus on Arena Football odds can win money because they can get better information and have stronger numbers than the books. Arena Football odds may continue to pick up at online sportsbooks. ESPN televises some of the games and that is good news for Arena Football odds fans. AFL odds give bettors another option on the sportsbook betting board in a time when basketball is winding down. The big reason that bettors like Arena Football odds is that the AFL odds are weak. The Arena Football odds makers don’t spend much time on AFL odds. They don’t do much research and miss things when making an Arena Football betting line. When you get weak numbers on the sports betting board you will see big line moves and that is what happens with Arena Football odds.

Arena Football League games are high scoring, and sometimes the Arena Football odds are very unpredictable. There is no doubt that quarterbacks and receivers are the most important players on the field and their play is important. If a quarterback or receiver is injured then the Arena Football betting line will move. Most players also play on both sides of the ball, so an injury can be very important in Arena Football. Usually the wise guys will find out about these injuries well before the sportsbooks because the oddsmakers don’t do enough work in researching the games and making the AFL betting odds.

Usually big Arena Football odds in Arena Football League games are winners. It is important to get those moves quickly because the lines move fast at online sportsbooks. Sportsbooks adjust quickly and it doesn’t take much money to move the AFL odds. Unlike other sports it may only take a few hundred to move the line in AFL betting odds, whereas in other sports it would be a few thousand. In addition to sides moving a great deal, totals move even more in Arena sports betting. If you thought the oddsmakers were weak on the sides in the Arena Football betting line, they are a disaster with totals in AFL betting odds. Most sportsbooks take low limits on totals because the AFL odds are very weak. Looking at AFL betting odds is definitely something you might want to consider this season.

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