The Arena Football Betting Money Line

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena Football betting money lines are interesting to consider as part of your overall menu of choices.

The money line is becoming an ever increasing popular form of Arena Football betting. Unlike the Arena Football betting lines in which a gambler can correctly guess the straight up winner but still lose the bet because the team didn’t win by enough points, the money line is simply based on straight up results, which is why it is sometimes popular in Arena Football betting.

Arena Football betting money lines take the guess work out of handicapping. At one time or another, nearly everyone in Arena Football betting has voiced frustration at losing money on the winner. The money line prevents that. The catch, of course, to the money line is that the gambler has to lay odds instead of points if he takes the chalk in Arena Football betting. For example, if Dallas is a 6-point favorite against New York in Arena Football betting lines, the other option would be that the gambler could take the Desperados to win straight up on the money line, but would have to lay out around three hundred dollars in order to win one hundred. If the Desperados won the gambler would get the one hundred dollars plus the three hundred wagered. If another gambler felt that the Dragons would pull off the straight up upset win, he could bet one hundred dollars to win around two hundred and eighty. While most gamblers do not take the dog in money line games, (they instead prefer the points), the Arena Football betting option of plus money is there for gamblers with a knack for spotting straight up upsets.

One of the most appealing Arena Football betting aspects about the money line is that it is sort of a security blanket for gamblers, who are not comfortable with an overlay Arena Football betting lines wager on a team that is certain to win. A gambler will often chose instead to simply lay the money in a game that he otherwise would not have bet due to the overlay on the Arena Football betting lines. Just as in baseball and hockey, the Arena Football betting appeal of the money line is an opportunity to take the better team on even terms as far as the game itself goes.

Some gamblers really like the Arena Football betting money line. Obviously, a gambler can’t be wrong too often, especially when playing strong chalks, but the money line is an excellent way to step away from the norm and the masses in Arena Football betting.

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