Arena Football Betting Excitement

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena Football betting is definitely exciting. The Arena Football betting line may not get much attention but it sure gives you chances to win money.

Let’s take a look at Arena Football betting. Arena Football betting is usually all about offense.  There is also no doubt that the league loves parity and competitive balance and that makes Arena Football betting a challenge. Part of what makes Arena Football betting a challenge is that scoring is easy to do.  You can easily lose a cover or see a comeback in Arena Football betting.  You should know that with Arena Football betting that there is very little in original thought and bettors look to do the same things. One of the biggest traps, therefore, that a typical gambler will fall into when looking at Arena Football betting is that he will get sucked into this conventional wisdom and hype and end up on the side that has no value. The problem that too many gamblers have when they are in on Arena Football betting is that they think too much alike and on a “straight up” rather than pointspread basis. Gamblers will see a power team with a great record and take them at home against weaker teams, regardless of the value on the Arena Football betting line.

Arena Football doesn’t get the publicity of other sports but it does have a following.  It has helped that ESPN has picked up the league and it doesn’t hurt that ABC also will televise a game on occasion.  The more television coverage that a league gets, the more interest the betting public will have in wagering on their games.

Remember in Arena Football betting that there is no value in betting with the masses and that value comes from being on the side that is opposite of the vast majority, as that is where the sportsbook will be.  You can sometimes make an exception to this rule because the sportsbook is not as concerned with the league as they are with others.  Arena Football betting is low on the sportsbook priority list.  That often translates into the numbers being weak.  You will notice a lot of moves on the Arena Football betting line.  Keep that in mind as you look at the Arena Football betting line this season.