Arena Football Betting Line Components

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena Football betting has certain characteristics for a gambler to look for just like NFL betting.

Sometimes it is just as important to learn how to oppose a team as it is to support and back another team in Arena Football betting.  Let’s look at a few things to consider in Arena Football betting. Arena Football betting is a bit different because the games are so high scoring.  That doesn’t mean you don’t do certain things though as you look at the Arena Football betting line.  You always want to do your handicapping as you look at the Arena Football betting line. Another key factor to consider is how a team handles their environment. Some teams have very poor records at home and virtually no home field advantage. Other teams may be decent at home but struggle on the road in Arena Football betting. In Arena Football betting it is important to ruthlessly exploit a team’s particular weaknesses whenever possible.

Opposing teams on the Arena Football betting boards with poor defenses is always a good thing to consider. A team without a good defense is a team that is helpless and wise to oppose. It is rare that a team that ranks in the bottom of the Arena defensive statistics is winning games against the Arena Football betting line.  You have to be able to get some stops in the Arena League even though it is an offensive league.  It seems that teams with strong defenses are really good bets all year long even though the offense gets all the highlights.

Opposing teams with weak quarterbacks is another effective way for a gambler to gain an edge at Arena Football betting. Teams with weak quarterbacks are almost as helpless as a team without a defense in Arena Football betting, particularly if they have no effective ground game to take the heat off the quarterback.

Finally it is wise to always consider opposing teams at the bottom of the team turnover ratio statistics as they will often literally give games away versus the Arena Football betting line. If they are up against a team with great turnover ratio stats so much the better in Arena Football betting. These are all components to consider in Arena Football betting.

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