Alternative Arena Football Odds

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena football odds offer excellent chances to bet parlays.

Arena Football odds have more than just sides and totals. You have the ability to bet parlays, teasers, money lines and sometimes halftimes and futures. Let’s consider those last two options today, halftimes and futures in Arena Football odds.

Arena Football odds will sometimes have halftime odds associated with them. This can occur on every game but it is more likely to happen on the ESPN 2 games on Monday night and in the playoffs as sportsbooks put up more Arena Football odds choices. You might even see a first half line on Arena Football betting lines. The popularity of Arena Football continues to increase and with ESPN, ESPN 2 and ABC getting involved in televising the games the action at sportsbooks on the Arena League has picked up in recent years. Monday Night Football is not quite the same in the Arena Football League but it still is football and does generate some interest among gamblers.

Many gamblers like the first half and halftime Arena Football betting lines because they present interesting opportunities. Some gamblers use the halftime line as a bargain and play it off what the original line was for the start of the entire game, or also use the information that they compiled in observing the first half of the game to make their halftime wager against the Arena Football odds. In most cases you can also get a total on first half and halftime Arena Football betting lines.

The other option to consider when looking at Arena Football odds is the futures bet. It used to be that futures bets were basically odds on teams to win the World Series or the Super Bowl. Now, however, you can get futures on almost anything including Arena Football odds. You will see Arena Football betting lines on which team will win the ArenaBowl and you might even get future Arena Football odds on which team will win each division.
For many gamblers, the futures bet in Arena Football odds offer another way to make money.

As you look at Arena Football odds this season don’t forget to check into the halftimes and the futures. Those options can be good ones to consider and give you even more chances to win money versus the Arena Football betting lines.

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