All-in vs. Arena Football Odds

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

Arena football odds are just like other sports betting odds. You can win or lose a lot of money against them.

The most dangerous Arena football betting action for gamblers is called the all-in. In poker it is where you put all of your chips into the pot and in Arena football betting it is putting all of your money on one game.

Arena football odds provide great action throughout the spring and summer months. Many gamblers that get involved in looking at Arena football odds have used the all-in bet. The problem, as has been said in poker many times, is that the all-in bet works every time but once. It is that one time though that breaks you. For example, you are having a tough Saturday of Arena football betting action and have struggled through a brutal day. It happens to everyone at times, but today you are fed up with things and want to get all of your losses back so you risk everything on one of the late West Coast football games on the Arena football odds board. You will either live or die for the day, and perhaps the season, with this one late game on the Arena football odds board.

The same Arena football odds all-in can happen on Monday as well. ESPN 2 always has the game on Monday and it provides you with a last bail out option for the week. This all-in wager is the most dangerous of any type of wager we will ever make and it is seen more often in football than in any other sport. The reason it is seen more in football than any other sport is that football is not played every day and it feels like you have to wait forever for the next play. This last factor should not be overlooked when it comes to the football betting all-in versus Arena football odds. If you are looking at Monday night football as the last chance to get even then that Thursday or Friday night game on the Arena football odds board looks a long, long way off. Monday night then looks awfully good for getting even versus Arena football odds.

It seems like all Arena football betting players have made the mistake of going all-in at one time or another and have lost. Perhaps you have been fortunate and won a few of these all-in bets versus Arena football odds but eventually the all-in bet fails. Remember that you can’t get your money back versus Arena football odds if you have nothing to play with.

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