AFL Betting Surprises at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Arena Football Betting

AFL betting surprises can be many things. They can be teams that surprise in terms of the Arena Football League or they can be ways in which you handicap a game.

There are certain characteristics to apply at finding the winners that nobody else can see and those AFL betting surprises are what we want to look for today.

AFL betting is not as popular as other forms of sports betting but you can win money at it. You need to be forward thinking in your AFL football betting. Too many gamblers are reactive in nature, meaning that they are handicapping based on last week’s or last year’s results, rather than the present or future. Part of finding surprise plays on the AFL betting board is a gambler’s ability to anticipate and handicap from a pro-active rather than reactive perspective. Keep in mind that the oddsmakers set the AFL football betting odds based on what they know the public perception will be; which is far too often based on past results. What happened last year is interesting to look at but it doesn’t give you a good idea of what will happen today.

You also need to keep an open mind about AFL betting. This ties in to not being focused on the past. Teams constantly evolve and change and that affects their AFL betting odds. The gambler that remains stagnant in his thinking is a gambler that will end up broke in AFL football betting. You must be willing to change and keep up with the current data.

If you cannot see something coming, you are going to get blindsided in all forms of gambling including AFL betting. Anticipate what nobody else can see. If the gambling public is all fixated on one side or total, look hard at that other side in AFL betting. Think of the countless times that the conventional “wisdom” was not wise at all and gamblers were blown away by a surprise in AFL betting. It’s a weekly occurrence in AFL football betting.

Remember though that there is a fine line between being proactive and “reaching” out on poor teams in AFL betting. Be sure that your pick is solid and has sound reasoning and is not just a reach on a poor football team that rarely covers the AFL betting pointspread.

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